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Welcome to the CasinoRockstar blog! If you are like us, a casino fan, you've come to the right place. We'll try to post the latest news to keep updated with trends, slots and other casino related subjects. Our posts will cover highs and lows, funny and sad and of course big wins and big losses. We hope you will enjoy following us, here on the blog, but also on our stream.

Emil N
10/17 2018
7/2 2019

14th of December 2018Christmas Raffle | Get your ticket here
Get your tickets for the Christmas Raffle on this page! See the prizes and how to join below. You can enter from the 14th of December and the last day to join is the 30th of December. Winners will be announced on stream and social media the 31st AKA New Years Eve. Good luck!
12th of December 2018Discord channel live | Facebook group
Hey guys! Just a quick update for the week. Some new stuff is up that I want to share with you guys. Read more below.
22nd of November 2018Stream Highlights from November 20
Hello guys! Had a really fun stream this Tuesday. Ended up cashing out 30K from a very swingy session. If you missed it you can watch the compilation below.
15th of November 2018Swedish License | All You Need to Know
This blog post will be about the new casino legislation in Sweden which goes into effect in the beginning of 2019. We’ll get into some details we know of and what will change for us players and the casinos. I'll also let you in on my thoughts about it and how it might affect the casino streamers.
13th of November 20182 days of profit | Casino life
After a week of ripping every deposit I made we finally managed to cash out. The luck was with us for two days while we fought a big wager. It could always be bigger, but the cash out is final. Hopefully this week will contain more big wins and awesome profit. Read more about the streams and see the...
5th of November 2018Bank ID casinos | New casino trend 2018
Here is a list of the best "fast casinos" with no registration and super fast withdrawals for Swedish users. If you don't yet know what it is Ii'll also explain Bank ID casinos.
2nd of November 2018Bonus compilation | Road to 150K cashout
Hey guys! Just a quick update from my week and I also posted a compilation from this Mondays stream on YouTube. Feel free to check that out.
30th of October 2018Best stream ever - Insane run on the slots
Thoughts and summary from the most insane casino session of my life including a jackpot hit on a Merkur slot.
22nd of October 2018Blog post about NetEnt and the new Vikings slot
We all know Netent through all the games they have created for us to play at countless online casinos. For me the games from Netent has always been attractive to the eye with that clean, professional look. When i first started playing slots i put my trust in these games and they were my favorite pro...
22nd of October 2018Slot review - Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire Big Time Gaming
Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last decades you know what Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire is. The famous TV game show first aired in Great Britain 1998 but has become an international show and is now owned and licensed by Sony Pictures. The format is pretty simple - the contestant has to ...