A guide to bonuses - What is a no sticky bonus

There’s is countless of casinos to choose from with new online casinos popping up everywhere. The competition is tough so the new casinos needs to stick out from the crowd. One way the casinos can separate themselves from the rest is by offering casino bonuses. Most casinos give their player the option to play with a welcome bonus on their first deposit. This guide will cover one type of bonus referred to as a no sticky bonus.

No sticky for UK players

The no sticky bonus can also be called lifeline bonus or a parachute bonus but we will get into exactly what this means and how it is different from a traditional bonus. Since March of 2018 the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) does not allow UK casinos to offer their players the traditional type of bonus anymore. Players from the UK can only sign up and claim non sticky bonuses. But for other European users the selection of bonuses with different terms is greater.

What does non sticky mean?

A non sticky bonus is most easily described as a lifeline. When you do a deposit you will first play as normal with your cash balance. If you win, great! you can cash out all your winnings and the deposit you made. The bonus will not be used and will disappear from your balance as you do the withdrawal. If you lose your initial deposit you can keep on playing with the bonus money you got from the casino. Usually this comes with a wager requirement. To make it easy we can set an example. Let’s say you deposit €100 on a casino that gives you a 100% no sticky bonus. This means you have €100 cash balance and €100 bonus balance. If you lose your deposit of €100 you still have the bonus balance left to play slots with. Let’s say that this specific casino has 30x wager requirement on the bonus. That means you need to bet €100 times 30. Before you have unlocked the bonus balance you therefore need to have placed bets for €3000. That can translate into 3000 spins with €1 stake. If you have bonus money left and completed the wager you can cash out everything that you have on the account.

The opposite of no sticky

The opposite of a non sticky bonus can be described as a sticky bonus. This means that your whole balance is locked and you need to complete the wager requirements before you can withdraw. Let’s say you get a 100% bonus from a casino and deposit €100. The wager requirement is 30x. That means you need to place bets for a total of €3000 before you can cash out. So compared to the non sticky bonus your cash deposit is locked until you completed the wager.

The best bonus

Many players believes that the no sticky bonus has the best terms and that it increases your chance of making profit giving you an edge over the casino. Because your initial deposit isn’t locked and you still have a chance to cash out even if you lose your deposit. But it’s hard to say what is good or bad. In the end of the day it comes down to what your personal preference is and what kind of gambler you are.

Here is a list of great no sticky bonus offers you can take a look at.