Online Casino Canada No Deposit Bonus

Online casino Canada no deposit bonus is something more, and more of us are looking for these days. Moreover, no wonder, free casino money is a great way to try new casinos. All it takes is for you to sign up and accept the online casino Canada no deposit bonus and, the bonus will then fall into your casino account, and you can test your way around the casino's range of games & slot machines without spending a dime! An online casino Canada no deposit bonus is usually not huge, but on the other hand, it costs you nothing, so you don’t have to wager your own hard earned cash.

Tim Taylor
9/24 2018
5/10 2019

CasinoRockstar© guides you to Canadian casino bonuses

To find the best online casino Canada no deposit bonus, you don’t have to make too much effort, since we have collected them here at CasinoRockstar©. Check out our site for Canadian casinos where we list both the total welcome bonus and what kind of bonus you can get without deposit in the many casinos we list. Most common online casino Canada no deposit bonus is free spins, but there are also versions where you get free money to play any game you want. The version with bonus cash is most common when it comes to playing Bingo online.

How to find a free bonus without deposit requirements?

It's as easy as any other bonus to cash out your online casino Canada bonus without deposit. The only thing you need to give up is your email address and personal information at the time of registration. After you have created a profile at the casino, you can barely count to three before your bonus is waiting for you. For example, you can test a few spins in a slot machine, like Dragon’s Fire or Hall of Gods or choose freely among hundreds of other games. If the bonus money has been deposited into your account, you can decide how you want to spend it. Please note that free spins may sometimes be limited to some selected slots and therefore can only be used in these.

Different kinds of free bonuses

The most common version of an online casino Canada no deposit bonus is a smaller number of free spins. This type of reward is found at most Canadian casinos and is a fun way to test a new online casino and its slot machines. The average number of free spins awarded immediately after registration is between 10 to 20, but there are also casinos that give you more than that. Don't forget to check on the wagering requirement of the free spins before you start playing; this can affect how quickly you can withdraw any winnings from your casino account.

The second version of non-required bonuses is free money. It is a small amount of money that is deposited into your casino account when you have registered one. Usually, it consists of $5 to $10 that you can spend on any games you want in the lobby. Free casino money is also subjected to wagering requirements. However, that’s a hit you can take when you get to play casino online for free Canada without conditions. Also, if your bonus money should end, you have more to collect in the bonus path, such as 200% casino bonus or more. 200% deposit bonus means that if you deposit $100, you get a total of $300 to play for in the casino.

Pros and cons of online casino Canada no deposit bonuses

The benefits are of course many with a bonus with no deposit requirement that you also get completely free. To name a few, you can quickly and for FREE test a new Canadian casino without having to deposit money. As if that wasn't enough, you can win money without risking a dime, in how many other places than in Canadian online casinos can you do this? All this while having fun. Many of the slot machines are advanced both functional and in design, with beautiful background music where time smoothly flows. Should you find any drawbacks, it would be the wagering requirements and that you sometimes can spin up your bonus a little too fast. However, hey, it is free.

No Deposit Bonus

If you have spent more than a few minutes at an online casino, you have undoubtedly seen that there you promised nice bonuses from right to left. For a new player, it may almost seem too good to be true, and it's not always easy to understand why you as a player seem to get free money. Sure many conditions and requirements make your way to clean money long, but it is equally valid that there are lots of great deals for new players to take part in. 

Here, bonuses without deposit requirements are perhaps the most attractive. It contrasts with regular deposit bonuses at Canadian casinos where you need to deposit to get your money or free spins. For example, it might be that the casino chooses to double your deposited money and give you bonus money. When it comes to bonuses no deposit requirements, there are no such conditions. In other words, you do not need to whip out your credit card to be able to enjoy the casino's bonus money. The alternative to casinos with no deposit bonus is the casinos that have a low minimum deposit of, let’s say, $5. Then you can try a casino at a low cost to determine if it suits you and your gambling needs.

What kind of bonuses are there?

Online casino Canada no deposit bonuses come in mainly two versions. The first is the most common version and gives you a bonus when registering at a new casino. If you have never visited the casino before, then you have a good chance of getting a good offer that does not require any deposit. At regular intervals, new casinos pop up online, and they give you new opportunities to register an account with bonuses, even if you already have an account on other sites owned by the same corporation.

Loyalty bonuses

Another option is the loyalty bonuses. As an existing customer, you also have a chance to share your money or free spins. To take part in the campaigns, you need to keep mail on the site or in the mailing list. With periodically, namely the casinos to reward their loyal customers and give them bonuses without deposit requirements, this is especially true for players who have a high turnover as the casinos are extra eager to treat in a good way. 


The main advantage associated with no deposit bonus is, of course, that you can get access to bonus money - without having to risk your own. While many casinos require you to deposit your own money before you can start playing, deposit-free bonuses give you a chance to try out the game and have a chance on big wins - with zero percent risk. It makes them excellent tools to explore the casino more closely and to try to win that jackpot even if you are a beginner. 

Another advantage is that they can be accessed even if you do not have a payment option. For example, if you do not have a credit card or do not have an account with an e-wallet operator, you can still play with the help of online casino Canada no deposit bonuses. Also, you do not need to think about any transfer times. The bonuses are customarily credited immediately to your account. 

Any cons?

The downside of a deposit-free bonus is, of course, that it is often smaller in size compared to deposit bonuses. Since a deposit free bonus is risk-free for you but not for the casino, the amount paid usually is considerably less. Since you do not take any risk, it does not have to be a disadvantage in the long run. You have the same chance to win on free spins or other deposit free bonuses as when using deposit bonuses. 

How to get access to an online casino Canada bonus no deposit

If you want to be able to receive the right bonus without having to make a deposit, there are a few steps you need to follow. Deposit free bonuses can be a bit trickier to find, but it’s possible if you do some research. Once you have seen a casino that offers the desired form of a bonus, you need to create an account. If the offer is part of a loyal customer campaign, you can also use an existing account. After that, select the offer by entering a code or clicking on the bonus. As a rule, you will then receive your money or free spins automatically on your game account. 

What are free spins?

Free spins no deposit are a type of bonus that appears from time to time at online casinos. It is a special kind of a bonus because it can only be used on slots. These slot machines, also called slots, are one of the most popular games at today's casinos while being a vital income item for the operators. That's one reason they're happy to offer free spins to new players. You can benefit from this by using your free spins and familiarising yourself with the slot machines as well as increasing the chance of your win. 

If you get free spins without deposit requirements in connection with a registration or campaign, they are often tied to specific slot machines. The reason is, of course, that the casino in question wants to be able to market the slot on which they have put the most resources. Even if it reduces freedom for you as a player, it still leads to a good result. Most campaigns involve high-quality slots from NetEnt, for example, which makes you almost always find something that suits you. If you are not interested in castles, you can, of course, let the offer pass and wait for the next one. 

Are there any wager requirements?

Yes. Although bonuses with no deposit requirement make it easier to play risk-free, the bonuses are still not entirely without conditions. One of the most essential things for you to keep to keep your eye on is the wager requirements. It specifies exactly how many times you have to play through your bonus before you have the opportunity to withdraw it to the bank account. For example, if you win a big win on a free spin, you still have to play for a certain amount for the money to be withdrawable. It may be worth keeping in mind when you take part of your bonus in order not to get too excited right away.

Another condition is the time limit. In many cases, the online casino Canada no deposit bonus is required to be used within a specified period. Otherwise, the bonus disappears from the account, and you miss out on the potential winnings. It’s often smartest to use your bonus as quickly as possible to prevent this from happening.

Why do casino bonuses exist?

Many new players usually ask why the casinos choose to hand out free money. In life, we learn that what seems too good to be true, often is, and online casino Canada no deposit bonuses can undeniably seem to fall into that category. However, it’s not charity. iGaming Companys use online casino Canada no deposit bonuses for marketing. The idea is that you as a player should get an introduction to the casino to become a loyal customer. Of course, you do not need to continue playing, but if you think the online casino games seem fun, you are warmly welcomed by the casinos in question.

Can you take advantage of the same bonus several times?

No, you usually can only use an online casino Canada no deposit bonus once. If it is a registration bonus, you must be a new customer without any previous account to receive the online casino Canada no deposit bonus. You can also not have two accounts without violating the casino's rules; then you risk being suspended. When it comes to bonuses during promotions, they may appear repeatedly, but usually, the same bonus is only available once.

Where to find an online casino Canada no deposit bonus?

There are, above all, two ways that are most effective when it comes to finding the right an online casino Canada no deposit bonus. One option is to go through different casino sites on your own. By visiting their websites, you can check for yourself whether they offer deposit free bonuses or not. The second option is to go to a site that has already done the job for you. Then you can get the casinos and their bonuses compiled in a list. This way you have a better overview and can choose freely what suits you.

How to choose the right Canadian online casino?

When choosing an online casino, there are several factors to take into account. Here, of course, the online casino Canada no deposit bonus is one aspect, but there may also be related parts that can also be good to know. For example, the game selection is a part that is important in your decision. A bonus is not worth much if there are no fun games where you can take advantage of it. Even details such as access to customer support and web design can have an impact when it comes to choosing an online casino Canada no deposit bonus. If something's bothering you, it's always nice to know where to turn.