Online Lottery In India

We really do like our lottery games, don’t we? While online lottery is relatively new, we have embraced the concept wholeheartedly. Exciting yes, but maybe a little more information about what is an online lottery in India would be useful. This site is all about keeping you informed. Knowledge is the key to selecting where you play and avoiding the scams or untrustworthy online lottery sites in India.

Simple Guidelines For Playing Online Lottery In India

Playing the lottery is not overly complicated, simply pick your numbers and hope they win. Some say they have systems; some say it is luck. It’s more likely a combination of luck and hope that keeps the lotteries attracting players. Who would not want to win a life-changing amount of rupees? Playing the lottery is our hope of achieving that, and it doesn’t break the bank while trying. Not forgetting it is also fun and exciting!
Take 22-year-old Mojiful Rahima Sheikh, who won ₹10,000,000. His lottery ticket only cost him Rs.50, so big wins can be achieved for a small outlay. Before you go online buying your tickets and dreaming how to spend your wins, take some time to ensure where you decide to play is safe.
Check out our reviews because we care about where you play. We want to ensure you enjoy the best experience playing local and international online lotteries in India. To that end, we have done the research and asked the questions for you.

Questions We Ask About Online Lotteries In India

Playing any online lottery in India has to be a fun, safe, reliable experience. There has to be clarity about what is on offer. Plus, a well-run licensed platform with a wide choice of the many lotteries around. These are the things we ask questions about; the ‘need to know’ information for every lottery player to make informed choices.
First, we have a question for you. While we all would like to win a substantial amount, do you know how the lottery prizes get so large? It’s simple; every ticket purchased contributes to the jackpot. If it’s not won when the draw is made, it becomes a roll-over to the next draw date, increasing in size as more tickets are purchased.

Safety Aspects Of Online Lottery In India Sites

Is the lottery site safe and trustworthy? Will your personal and financial data be protected? How do you know the online lottery sites in India are not scams? These are all reasonable questions, but it can take up a lot of your time finding the answers. That is where we come in, as we ask them!
Like any online gambling site, the best online lottery in India sites for safety and security are the ones that are licensed. International sites with licenses from the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) or the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) are among the most globally regulated, but other countries also issue licenses. These include the Gibraltar Gambling Commission and the Irish National Excise Licence Office.
Another sign of a trustworthy online lottery in India site is when they promote responsible gaming clearly on the website. A further subject we explore on every online lottery in India is to review what encryption is used. We are looking for answers telling us they use 128-Bit SSL encryption or even higher at 256-Bit. This is bank-level encryption that can keep your personal and financial data protected and safe.

Am I Breaking The Law Playing Online Lottery In India?

While India’s gambling laws are confusing, some things are clear. The answer is no; you are not breaking the law playing an international online lottery in India.
It’s well-known that not all Indian states accept the playing of lotteries. However, that shouldn’t stop you from participating in the activity if you desire to do so. Plenty of international lotteries allow players from all over the globe to take part in their draws.
Historically, we are talking 2,000 years here that India has had a gambling culture. While most of us are very clear we want it to continue; our lawmakers appear confused. The Public Gambling Act of 1867 is somewhat outdated now. While it restricts any form of gambling other than skills games, it does not state online gambling is illegal. The 2000 ‘Information Technology Act’ did not clarify anything, other than allowing the Government to ban certain sites.
Lotteries are legal in 13 Indian states while banned in others. Online lottery in India is legal in West Bengal, Goa, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Maharashtra. However, international lotteries with their attractive jackpots are not illegal. What is important is that for those under the age of 18 years, 21 in some states, it is illegal to gamble.
Honest and trustworthy online lotteries in India are firm in their adherence to these restrictions. Expect to have to prove your identity, where you live, and your age. Take it as a clear sign that the online lottery in India sites doing this are the ones you want to be using.

Payments To & From An Online Lottery In India

Who would not want a chance to win the incredible money jackpots on some of the global lotteries? To do that you will have to register and make a deposit. Our reviews look more in-depth at the ways these sites organise their payment options. We look for ones that Indian players are familiar with and can use with ease.
Many online lotteries in India accept payment in rupees, and our reviews will make this clear. We will check if you can pay by e-wallets, credit and debit cards or mobile pay. Payments are usually made via the deposit method.
Remember, you are not exempt from paying tax on your online lottery in India winnings. The tax is 30% at the flat income tax rate. If the winnings are more than ₹10,000 then the tax will be 31.2%.
You are expected to declare your winnings on your Income Tax Return if under ₹10,000. If over this amount, the site will deduct the 31.2% from the prize money, providing the winner with a tax certificate.

FAQ - Online Lottery In India

Which are the Indian states where the lottery is legal?

There are currently 13 Indian states that consider the lottery to be legal. These are Kerala, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Goa, Maharashtra, Sikkim, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Nagaland, West Bengal, Assam, Mizoram and Manipur.

How do I win playing the lottery?

By buying a lottery ticket! No guarantees are given you will win, but select the right numbers and who knows, you could see your dreams come true.

How do I play the lottery online in India?

Carefully select your online lottery in India site. Using our reviews is an excellent way of ensuring your chosen venue is safe and secure. Follow the online instructions to select the lottery you want to play and purchase your ticket.

Can I play online lottery in India on my mobile device?

Yes, you can. Most online lottery in India sites are mobile-friendly, and many have dedicated Apps for both Android and iOS.