Huge win and cash out tonight

Thoughts and summary from the most insane casino session of my life including a jackpot hit on a Merkur slot.

Emil N
10/30 2018
7/2 2019

What a night

Wow! What a night we had yesterday. Truly amazing and still a bit unbelievable. Thank’s a lot for everyone who has in watching, it was so much fun. I'm not going to stream until this weekend night again, so a few days off now to sort everything out with the move i'm going through. But I'll keep you posted on the blog in case i hit something insane off screen. You never know!

Summarize of the stream last night

For those who didn’t watch the stream you might wonder what happened. So let me break it down with a quick summarize. I was playing on a 4K SEK deposit with a 4K bonus on Dunder. We lost the initial deposit and almost ripped as we went down to 900 SEK. Ready to give up we got the balance back up to 8k with some good wins. A legend in chat requested Dragon’s Treasure and i it landed on the wheel. We got the bonus fairly quick and I decided on the top symbol. I was just complaining at this point as we didn’t hit anything throughout the first 9 spins and i said to myself “I shouldn’t have picked this symbol, he never shows up...”. But boy did he show up! On the 10th spin they came up across the board. 5 beautiful blonde heads. 126K win and 5000x the stake.

100K dream cashout?

It took 9 hours and 30 minutes to battle through the wager and cash out. I was really tired but could not leave when we were so hot on the slots and the adrenaline was pumping. Such a good run with insane streaks in some games. I'll do a compilation of all the sick hits we got and post it on the new youtube channel. Felt weird doing 50kr bets with turbo spins but at 6:30 am we finally cleared the wager and managed to cash out 150K SEK. On Saturday we celebrate with a drunk stream, see you there!

See the record win in the link down under.