The bad run has turned!

After a week of ripping every deposit I made we finally managed to cash out. The luck was with us for two days while we fought a big wager. It could always be bigger, but the cash out is final. Hopefully this week will contain more big wins and awesome profit. Read more about the streams and see the best moments from the stream below.

Emil N
11/13 2018
7/2 2019


The stream started off pretty slow and we ran bad down to 3k and therefor lost the cash balance. So we started to wager from that point. Got the balance up a bit and the wheel lands on Jammin' Jars. I always liked this game and I've seen so many huge hits on it. Probably because it's really popular, but anyways. It doesn't feel impossible to hit mega hits in this one. Unlike many other slots as Immortal Romance or Dead or Alive. We finally get the jars and it happens to land in good position with 3 jars close to each other. They got up to decent multipliers and than we hit the mega. The raspberry connected with all 3 jars for a 22K hit. In total the bonus paid over 28K which is a 1410x and a personal record on this slot. Best part is it beats Anna AKA Casinohoneys win of over 1100x. Hehe!

Big wager

We fought the wager through the night but I was forced to finish the day after. In the end we ran pretty bad and the balanced dropped to about 15K when we finished. While in Book of Dead i decided to just raise for a few spin and managed to land 4 explorers and a bonus. We also bought some bonuses and got the balance up to 20K in the end. Perfect finish to make the cash out!

3 days off

I will have 3 days off until we continue to (hopefully) run god and get some more monster wins. Right now I need to do some work and get some good sleep. Well needed... So I'll see you on Friday! Take care and be safe. :)