Play Blackjack Online

Blackjack can be termed as the world’s most famous casino card game. You can play Blackjack at new online casinos —the rules for play are simple to master, you just have to beat the dealer’s hand total without exceeding a score of 21. The challenge is in knowing when to hit, when to stand, when to double, and when to take insurance. You can experience all the glitz and glamour associated with the game by playing online, on a desktop or a mobile device.

When you play online you are availed a bunch of sign-up Blackjack bonus, which is usually a percentage of your first deposit. You can take advantage of bonus offers to build your bankroll, have more spins and increase your chances of winning. Blackjack bonuses are paid over time depending on how much you wager, therefore it helps to check first the waging requirements of a particular casino online before playing.

Most famous casino card game

Hit, stand, double, or take insurance

A range of sign up bonuses

Blackjack - History

Where Blackjack originated from is a matter still debated to date. No consent has been agreed to date about where Blackjack originated from. But according to popular opinion, Blackjack originated from French clubs in the year 1700, when it was referred to as 'Vingt-et-Un,' which translates to 21. But according to popular consent Blackjack descended from the French: It was from playing French card games 'Chemin de Fer' and 'French Ferme' that Blackjack evolved. It continued to amass a following, finally reaching North America. Playing rules were not the same as those of today, including the online blackjack strategy.

In the ancient casino card game, the only person that could be given permission to double was the dealer, and gambling series was allowed for every card played. Blackjack become famous in the US in 1931 in Nevada, where casinos invented a unique stake: A deal consisting one of the Blackjacks, which include Spade or Club, in addition to the Ace of Spades would win ten to one odds on the dealt bet.

Blackjack at Live Casino

In Blackjack Live you experience the action in full, high-definition video quality, streaming live to PC, laptop or mobile device for a real casino experience. A live casino dealer supervises what is going on in play and welcomes you when joining the game, and is happy to continue to be of assistance in the entire game session. Top-notch technology is employed to ensure every action, stake and hand moves, including Blackjack odds are captured as fast and sleekly as if you are betting in an actual casino.

One of the great aspects playing blackjack live is you play against an actual live dealer to have the same experience as if you are playing in a land-based casino, and at the ease of your seat at home, or from your mobile device, from anywhere you want. Your senses are entertained and engaged with good sound music, the background talk of the other dealers etc.

How To Play

Your aim is to obtain a higher card count than the dealer when playing Blackjack, but without going over 21. This constitutes one of the most important Blackjack rules. You have the best hand with a Blackjack, which means that the total of the designates of the first two played cards is correctly 21. The game begins with each player being dealt two cards, also the dealer. A player can see both his cards and one of the dealer’s cards.

The game can be played with a maximum of seven players in the Blackjack table with eight conventional 52-card decks. Each card holds a value, with each card having a value designation: cards from two to ten are worth their face value, cards Kings, Queens and Jacks are each worth ten value. Card Ace is worth value 11 or 1, whichever will be more favourable to the hand.

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Blackjack Strategy

The power in live blackjack is in having in your memory an optimal blackjack strategy chart, consisting of all details of possible moves for every hand. This strategy is for the pros. What if you are just starting out, you are beginner player? For a beginner player, the basic strategy is to ‘stand’ if you are at 17 or better. Another Blackjack strategy for a beginner is to always split pairs of 8’s or better, and don’t split anything else other than a pair of 8’s.

Live Casinos That Offer Blackjack

Live casinos continue to be more popular since with real dealers you get about as close to a real-life casino experience from the comfort of your seat at home. It is great playing live Blackjack games at a good and reliable online casino. One where the live dealer Blackjack games are good, the cards are fair, and your winnings are paid promptly. Some of the top Blackjack casino you can play live include PokerStars Casino, Unibet Casino and 888casino.

Unibet Casino is best for Blackjack beginners, PokerStars Casino is best for pro players while 888casino is best for non-UK players. To help you to decide in choosing a good Blackjack live casino consider the following factors: how player-friendly each room is, how good is the offer for an average-skilled player and how good the mobile blackjack games are. Also, check for the availability of free live dealer Blackjack games.

Try This Game in A Mobile Casino

You can play Blackjack straight from your mobile device when you are stretched for time. Mobile casinos make it convenient for players to access their favourite game whenever and wherever it suits them, no wonder mobile casinos have grown like wildfire thanks to advanced mobile technology that’s making this possible. The rules of Blackjack are still the same even though you are playing from a mobile casino-get the value of your cards to add up to 21, or as close as possible without going over.


What makes playing Blackjack great is the fact that it is not only based on luck, as a matter of fact, you can count most of your winnings down to the strategy you choose to employ. You can memorize an optimal Blackjack strategy to employ in certain maneuvers over others. Seasoned players can employ advanced Blackjack strategy, instead. Blackjack is a great casino classic you can master by starting to play free Blackjack offers. Once you are confident that you have mastered a strategy, you can then have a go at playing Blackjack for real-money.