Play Dream Catcher Online

Connoisseurs of online gambling platforms are used to engaging in three types of casino entertainment: pick and play your favourite video slot game among hundreds, choose a traditional casino game converted into a digital form - blackjack, roulette, or poker - or choose a live version of those classic games, regularly presented by extremely attractive female dealers. However, as the online gambling industry continues to expand, new types of gambling games have to be introduced to keep things fresh, and offer novel ways of winning big, so that all tastes are covered. After all, not everyone like video slot games, nor do many people have the patience to learn all the intricacies of poker or blackjack. Dream Catcher online is precisely such novelty.

Extracted straight from your brick and mortar casino, Dream Catcher is all about snazzy live production just like you or your parents used to watch on TV in the pre-internet era. Not to be confused with the American Indian Dream Catcher video slot, Dream Catcher is primarily a live experience with high production values involving a giant, colourful wheel of fortune, a light show, a pretty girl spinning the wheel, and a live chat feedback on the right side of the screen. However, no need to worry, even the wheel of fortune will offer Dream Catcher bonus and multipliers.

Live Wheel of Fortune

Predict the Outcome of the Spinning Wheel

Earn Bonuses and Multipliers

Dream Catcher Is A New Casino Experience

Whether you are viewing it on a smartphone or on a 27" monitor plugged into your desktop computer, Dream Catcher live will bring a real show into your life, full of excitement and exuberance. In the past, wheel of fortune shows could have been only viewed passively on the TV, with your predictions delivered weeks ahead. The new generation of the wheel of fortune in the form of Dream Catcher offers a real-time interactive experience with each spin round lasting only 45 seconds, which means you will never get bored, and your Dream Catcher strategy will keep you tense all the way through.

As Dream Catcher is a unique live experience every time it is produced, it must attract attention proportional to all the production cost going into it. Therefore, you will often see big cash prizes and tournaments, with the base game offering up to €10,000 prize. In order to enter a Dream Catcher tournament, you have to first opt-in, which gives you a certain play time to take advantage of. Every spin made gives you a point, and based on your hits, if you end up in the Top 50 players, you get the proportional share of the total cash pool.

Win By The Spin Of A Wheel

Although everyone would like to know the Dreamcatcher odds of winning, what kind of wheel of fortune would it be if it lacked the fortune bit? Nonetheless, the structure of the wheel can clue you in on what you can expect. The wheel consists of 54 segments, and each segment is represented by a certain colour share: 23 yellow 1-1, 15 blue 2-1, 7 purple 5-1, 4 green 10-1, 2 orange 20-1, and 1 red 40-1.

You could say that a wheel of fortune is just like a Roulette. Both are based on spinning wheels, and both are based on the probability of landing on each number, or in the case of the wheel of fortune - the colored segment. Unfortunately, just like with Roulette, it is next to impossible to determine the outcome. Otherwise, such game would be promptly booted out of the casino lineup of games. All that is known for sure is that higher ratios offer greater payouts, but are more difficult to win.

How To Play

Rules for Dream Catcher are as simple as you can conceive. After all, that has always been the main attraction of wheel of fortunes in the past. No learning curves exist here. All you have to do is predict the outcome of the next wheel spin. Or in other words, you place a bet on which segment the wheel will stop. You can place bets on the following selection of numbers: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. Based on the color, along with the number, you win a set amount of cash.

Although a lot depends on the fickle nature of Lady Fortune, how to win at Dream Catcher is something you can plan for within 45 seconds it takes for the next spin to occur. This is the time frame you plan out your further bets. Most importantly, your biggest payouts will happen if you earn bonus spins, with 2x and 7x multipliers, just like you are used to with video slots.

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Dream Catcher Strategy

Although one can easily attribute their luck to strategy, don't be fooled by such thinking. If there was such thing as an optimal strategy, it would have spread wide on the internet at the speed of light, and the game would have been rendered ruined and useless for the casino. As that has not happened, that means that there is no Dream Catcher live optimal strategy, only good old luck and flashy production.

Live Casinos That Offer Dream Catcher

As of the writing of this article, the following top Dream Catcher casino will have it on offer: Europa Casino, Grand Ivy Casino, SpinStation Casino, WinnerMillion Casino, 888 Casino, BitStarz Casino, PlayGrand Casino, QueenVegas Casino, RivieraPlay Casino, and SlotsMagic Casino. However, almost certainly the Dream Catcher will become a standard fare on every online casino platform worth of note. It is simply a matter of time, since the Dream Catcher offers such a low entry level, while offering big rewards at the same time.

Each casino has different rules about welcoming bonuses for initial sign-ups, minimum deposits, maximum cashouts, and free spin bonuses, so investigate which casino fits you do most. Especially when it comes to your country of residence, as some are restricted to a select few countries, in addition to restricting the manner in which you can conduct your financial transactions, both for deposits and withdrawals from the casino. Whichever casino you end up choosing, don't forget to have fun!

Try This Game In A Mobile Casino

The beauty of modern technology is that there is no longer time when you cannot engage in some activity, either for entertainment or for work - online gambling tends to merge both. In the pre-smartphone, pre-internet era it was hard to imagine a time where you could be on the bus or waiting in a long line at the bank, and instead of staring ahead of you, lost in thought, and avoiding the gaze of other passengers and customers, you could play Dreamcatcher online instead! Most new online casinos have great live games for mobile, including this one.


Wheel of fortune offers a low entry into the online gambling arena. Placing your bet is as far as the complexity goes, which is an ideal mental load most people are willing to engage in when they are trying to combine relaxation with a potential for winning big. Dream Catcher live is also a social experience, instead of a solitary one you get with video slots. As the wheel spins, you can interact with other people in the live chat, and the attractive host can even pick up your comment from the crowd!