Live Casino

Live Casino has grown more and more popular at new online casinos in Canada. You don’t need to travel to a land based casino to experience the thrill of playing at tables with real dealers anymore. This can be enjoyed from the couch at home with an online casino bonus. In this article we’ll discuss the progress of live casino and some of the newest titles we can enjoy at online casinos.

The beginning of live casino

Gambling as a concept has been around for hundreds of years, if not thousands. Initially it was done in small scales but became structured and the industry grew fast during the 19th century. As the internet became mainstream about 20 years ago we saw the beginning of live casino. The industry saw an opportunity to be a presence on the internet which had become common for people to use. Players could now play live casino games like live blackjack, roulette, three card poker and baccarat from the comfort of their homes. The experience was at first pretty basic compared to the real deal.

Live casino today

As technology advanced in quick steps the live casino industry developed fast. The graphics were improved and in came the live dealer. You could now play at live tables online with real dealers who could communicate with you. Today there’s tables open 24/7. The live casino tables is today a worthy competition to land-based casinos. If you are not having a discussion with the dealer you can talk to the other people at your table through a chat. Not only is some tables open all hours a day, but many operators offers side bets and other thrilling ways you can gamble while you wait for an open spot at the table.

If you’re into blackjack or roulette and like to play with a live dealer you’re in luck. Today the selection for these two game types is great. Even if you are a high roller or like to bet smaller. On some casinos you have specific table with a dealer speaking your own language. Leovegas is a casino with exclusive tables where you can join a sport themed table where you get updates from sport events and possibilities to discuss the subjects with like-minded players. Apart from that there’s even live casino tables broadcasting from a land-based casino. Meaning you can bet on the same table as the players who are there in real time. This speaks volume of how the live casino market develops. We’ve already seen new live casino games that has never set foot in a land-based casino.


While many players still favour the classics like Roulette and BlackJack at online casinos, we’ve seen some new innovations at the live casino section. Dreamcatcher is a new game from Evolution Gaming. It’s a simple game reminding of Roulette. If you’ve ever been to a theme park you might have seen one of those big wheels where you can win a giant teddy bear or chocolate. The idea of Dreamcatcher is similar to this. This wheel is manipulated by a real dealer that you see live on your screen. Depending on what it stops at you can either win or lose. The dealer is often very enthusiastic and makes a show of it. Additionally there is a live chat where you can talk to the other players. Despite the simple layout you can take home huge wins through this game.

How it works

The rule to win is simply to have a bet on the number which the wheel lands on. The numbers to bet on is 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40. It is also possible to bet on more than one, if not all of them! The numbers mean that you win according to the number and your bet. For example if the wheel stops on number 2 and you have a bet on that number you will win 2 times the bet. There is also a contention in this game. On the wheel there is 54 equally large sections. Each one with one of the numbers stated above. However, two of these sections are different. There’s a 2x and a 7x on the wheel. If the wheel stops at one of these a respin will take place. What this means is that all the next spin will be multiplied by either 2 or 7. This is where the big money lies! Not to long ago we’ve seen the wheel stop at 7x-7x-40. The 40 section is then multiplied with 7 two times meaning the win is no longer 40 times the money, but a whooping 1960 times the bet. This is of course a dream scenario but if you bet smart you can survive many spins waiting for that multiplier to win big.

Lightning roulette

If you think live roulette is exciting you’re gonna be thrilled about this new release from Evolution Gaming. This game type includes a normal roulette wheel with the same numbers and everything. The contention is what they call Lucky numbers. Before the ball is spinned the dealer will pull a lever creating thunder and lightnings on the screen behind them. One to five numbers will show up on the board. Each with a multiplier from 50x to 500x. If you have a bet on the specific Lucky number and the ball stops on that number you win according to the multiplier. You might think what the catch is, and you’re right. It does come with different payouts than the traditional roulette because of this unique mechanism. Instead of paying 35:1 for a straight up bet it pays 29:1. But has way more potential than that. Let’s say that a Lucky number for the spin is 1 and the multiplier this time is 500x. You will then win 500x the bet. If you want to try your luck on Lightning Roulette you might not want to split the bet between different numbers since it does not apply with the lucky numbers.

Future of live casino

While we can’t look into the future we can guess that Lightning Roulette and Dreamcatcher is only the beginning. New game types will emerge with more thrilling live action. A concept that might become mainstream in the future is live casino in VR (virtual reality). As technology advances it is already possible to wander around in a virtual world using this VR-technology. Casinos are always in the hunt of new ways of entertaining there customers so this might be a reality in the future. Imagine walking around in a virtual casino playing at tables and sitting down at the slots playing for real money. This could be the future of live casino.