Real Money Online Casino in Canada

Why do we humans love to gamble so much? The obvious answer to that question is, of course, that we want the opportunity to win money. Most people who bet on new online casinos in Canada with real money, often have a dream of becoming financially independent and getting that life-changing big profit that’s just a click away. However, it is now not quite that simple. Researchers who studied gambling, and only gambling, have concluded that there are many other reasons besides the hunt for big profit. Some of the reasons why many continue to play are that it is merely entertaining. Playing slot machines, getting great bonus offers, and free spins are the cream on the cake. Read on and get every tip you need for real money online casino Canada!

Online Casino Canada Real Money – Bonuses

Online casinos for real money in Canada such as Untold Casino can give you up to C$777 and 777 free spins if you decide to play there. Of course, you can win real money at these online casinos, and lots of it. There is a definite advantage of playing for real money at online casinos in Canada - you can, as mentioned, win a lot of money. Almost all online casinos today offer enticing bonuses to new customers, deposit bonuses, weekend bonuses and the like to existing players. So, keep an eye out when you choose which gaming site you want to bet on next, which offers the best casino bonus in the country? Or maybe free spins are what you are looking for? Let us present three excellent online casinos that provide both excellent bonuses, secure payments and a good selection of games:

Online lottery - For Those Who Want the Mega Win!

Online lottery is the most common game in the whole world, and there is, of course, a reason for this. A lottery ticket win can pay out tens of millions in profit if your luck is with you. It is this fact that makes people continue to play lotto online, year after year even though they do not win more than small sums. The same applies to those who play slot machines online where you can suddenly win a jackpot of several million on a single spin. The possibility of profits that are gigantic is what is driving some players out there, but far from everyone. As a Canadian, you also have the choice of play lotteries online from other countries. Via sites like Lottoland and Multilotto, you can play Powerball US, MegaMillions, EuroMillions and many more online lotteries. 

Social Affiliation and Community

Stay home and hang out with friends, a perfect combination at Chanz casino.

Even in our homes gambling about money has become a way of socializing and what is played then is very often poker where you bet small amounts of money among friends to have a social and fun time while at the same time you can win some extra cash. A new online casino that has taken the social perspective of gambling a bit further is, as before mentioned, Chanz Casino. The real money online casino in Canada puts an excellent focus on the social part and allows you to challenge new and old friends, and also link with Facebook.

Gambling – a Relaxing Break from Everyday Life

Most people who play actively and try to win money are small earners, and middle earners and the reason for it is usually that it is they dream of a big profit. They often say that if they win a jackpot, they will quit playing. However, when examining those who have won big prizes at online casinos, you can see that very often they have continued to play, and in some cases, they have gambled away all their profits and then some. Gambling can be addictive! Even if you do not have a gambling problem or an addiction think a little extra when gambling so that you play responsibly.

Real Money Play for Entertainment

Although the researchers have not done any studies on the pure entertainment value in playing for money, it does not mean that it is not a big part of why you do it. Most online casino gives players the opportunity to play for free, but it rarely occurs; instead there are incredibly many who choose to play with the least possible bet to get a moment of relaxation and entertainment. Playing for a few bucks will probably not bring a life-changing win and playing for C$10 on roulette does not give you a life-changing win either. It should be seen more as a distraction and a pleasure that you choose yourself if you want to take part in or not.

How to Play for Real Money at an Online Casino in Canada

Choose an online casino with real money in Canada that suits you, either one of the above mentioned or another recommended site. Most important is that the gaming site has a license. We only review casinos that have licenses! 

Decide which game you want to start with. The legendary roulette with intense excitement – without complicated rules? Or plow home money from Blackjack? Otherwise, slot machines are a perfect way to relax and have fun for a while. Demo games are an ideal way to get to know the casino and the game before it's time to deposit real money. 

Once you have found your game and real money online casino, it's time to get an account to deposit money. This is a smooth process. Often you only need to specify a few details such as name, e-mail address, address, place of residence and country.

Now the million dollar jackpot isn't far away! To deposit, click “Make a deposit” or similar. Here you choose the payment option that suits you best. Once you deposit the money, you should be able to play right away!

Equally essential to being able to deposit money, it is to be able to withdraw them when you then win. Read about deposit and withdrawal on the gaming site, so you have a track of how many days it takes to get your money. Who wants to wait for the big cash out?


You are now ready to play online casino in Canada for real money. But, let’s sum up with a few important details to keep guiding you gambling online: remember that the online casino you play on should be safe and have a license. Play games you find fun and keep track of the rules. Choose a payment method that suits you. Play responsibly, and last but not least, have fun!