Scratch cards Online

Each and every online casino player dreams of one day winning some life changing money every time they visit a casino. Choosing the right casino game could be what sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. One of the easiest online games that could see you fulfilling your dream of a big win without much effort is Scratchcards. Playing scratch cards online does not require a huge investment and will not take up much of your time but the rewards could be enormous.

Lucky players can end up winning jackpots that start from 1,000,000 coins and above. The playing of Scratchcards and other instant win games has been around for quite some time. There are numerous versions of these games all over the world, some of the most popular versions of scratch cards include bejeweled and deal or no deal. These scratch cards can be purchased at most local stores, petrol stations and news stands. Scratch cards are also available at online casinos and players can enjoy great Scratchcards bonus offers upon signing up on the casino websites.

Scratch cards games include Bejeweled and Deal or no deal.

Scratch cards online are easy and affordable to play.

Scratch cards online attract huge jackpots.

Scratch Cards - History

The popularity and success that online scratch cards games are currently enjoying is owed to two brilliant Americans from Massachusetts. In 1974 Daniel Bower and John Koza who had both worked with the Massachusetts Lottery Commission felt that waiting for one week for lottery results was too long. This led them to the creation of the first instant scratch card game. Their experience at the lottery commission enabled them to acquire valuable tips for scratch cards game creation.

Their new scratchcard game was an instant hit. It was not only fun and entertaining but they seemed to have read the minds of most lottery players at the time who wanted some form of instant gratification. Immediately after the invention the state lottery’s income grew by 150% from 1 million dollars to a whooping 2.5 million dollars. Due to advancements in technology scratch cards games moved to the online realm in the 90’s.

Scratch and Win

As mentioned earlier one of the main attractions for most players to the game of scratch cards is its simplicity. Players simply need to purchase a ticket and scratch out a seal that will reveal either certain symbols or numbers (depending on the version of the game) that will determine if they win a prize. Scratch Cards odds of winning are generally dependent on the players luck.

The type of scratch card game you choose is very important. Scratch cards are available in different denominations at the point of sale. High priced scratch-cards tend to attract larger jackpots. These cards also come in a myriad of themes such as sports and popular cartoon characters. This helps to add to the excitement and aesthetic value of the game.

How to Play

Playing this online casino game does not require any special skills just bring a lot of luck with you. Online Scratch Cards rules are easy and will only take you a few minutes to comprehend. Casino software providers have ensured that the online versions of the game closely resemble the original real life versions. The only difference being that you will use a mouse instead of your hands to scratch.

The steps to playing scratch cards online are straight forward. The first step is to register or sign up to your preferred online scratch-cards casino. Once this is done choose your preferred payment method and purchase your card. The next step is to hit play or autoplay to scratch and reveal the details of your card. If you are lucky enough to win payment is instant.

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Scratch Cards - Is There A Winning Strategy?

Playing Scratchcards at gambling establishments online is rewarding and loads of great fun. Players do not need to worry about coming up with winning strategies because this is a game of pure chance. The winning combinations of numbers or symbols that are revealed once you scratch your card are totally random. Online scratch cards games use computerized random number generator (RNG) algorithms to determine the winning combinations of scratch cards.

Casinos Online That Offer Scratch Cards

The huge and growing popularity of online scratch cards among players is very evident. This is why you are liable to find scratch cards games at a large percentage of online casinos. This can sometimes make it difficult for players to choose a preferred casino. There are certain qualities that can help a player determine a top scratch card casino. Some of these qualities include; the quality of bonus offers and promotions, large scratch cards games selection and large jackpots.

The above mentioned qualities combined with great service delivery in terms of payment options, security and customer service are the hallmarks of a top online scratch-cards casino. Once these qualities are present players will enjoy peace of mind while playing and concentrate on having fun and winning. There are a number of casinos that have met these standards and are considered top scratch cards casinos. They include Dunder casino, CasinoEuro and William Hill Casino.

Try This Game in a Mobile Casino

Since the entry of Scratch cards games into the online realm in the 90's that allowed players to buy scratch cards online lots of improvements have taken place. Technological advancements have necessitated the need for higher quality online scratch cards games. Currently these games are created by some of the top names in online casino software development such as NeoGames, Microgaming, Playtech, GameSys and NetEnt. You can now enjoy these high quality scratch cards games seamlessly on your PC or preferred mobile device when you are on the go.


Scratch cards games are among the newest online casino games. Despite the age of this genre of online casino games in the gambling industry their popularity among players is spreading like wild fire. This has enabled scratch cards games to create a niche of its own among classic table games like poker and baccarat. The future of scratch card games is definitely bright in the online casino industry due to simplicity and adaptability to change. The largest online scratch cards win stands at £4 million. Visit your preferred online scratch cards casino today and play, who knows, you might just get a larger win.