EntroPay For Casino

For the increased comfort of their players, many online casinos are focusing on finding the best payment options for their players. That, combined with the fact that EntroPay is one of the most convenient methods of online payment is the reason behind a rising number of online EntroPay casinos.

EntroPay was the first ever prepaid card in Europe, launched back in 2000 by financial operators Ixaris. It's a virtual, prepaid Visa debit card system that lets players make payments using the majority of Visa partners, and if was the first ever prepaid card in Europe. It has the benefit of being accepted wherever Visa is accepted, including many EntroPay casino establishments.

Is EntroPay The Right Choice For You?

If you are looking for a payment method that is widespread, secure and safe to use, then EntroPay might be the right choice for you. Online casinos that accept EntroPay are numerous since it's practically a type of VISA. With VISA being the single most supported casino online payment method, it's clear that you will have no trouble finding a casino at which you can use your EntroPay card.

And in the terms of security, EntroPay is among the best payment methods around. Ixaris group are adamant in ensuring the safety and security of customer's accounts and eliminating all fraud opportunities. And with their top of the line 128-bit encryption system, you can be sure that your financial details and transactions are well protected.

Best EntroPay Casinos

When you are about to commit to a casino, it's important to be sure that it accepts your favourite payment method. That's why, in this EntroPay casinos review, we want to give you a list of some of the best casinos around that accept EntroPay. That way you can keep yourself well informed prior to making the decision.

The list of casinos that support EntroPay is long and filled with some of the best names in the world of igaming: Casino.Com, Scasino, Casino Las Vegas, 777.com, Casino Tropez, Winner Casino, Casino King, CasinoCruise.com, Bet365, Mr. Green Casino, CasinoEuro Casino, and many more. And even if your favourite casino isn't on the list, there is a good chance it also supports EntroPay.


There are many advantages to EntroPay gambling, including the amazing palette of online casinos that support this payment option. If you value the convenience of usage as one of the factors to your decisions on the preferred payment method, this card is a great choice. And VISA - level security is yet another reason to consider EntroPay as an option.

When you play casino online responsibly, it's important to control the amounts of money you are spending. Since EntroPay isn't directly connected to your bank account, when you are using it for igaming you can spend the amount you pre-loaded the card with. That way, you can be sure that you are not spending more than you intended to.


The biggest disadvantage to using EntroPay as your preferred online casino payment method is the absence of the fast withdrawals. Similar to classic VISA cards, withdrawing the funds to your EntroPay account can take anywhere from 3 to 7 days! With most of the e-wallets being able to withdraw the funds in mere 24 hours, it's clear that EntroPay isn't the fastest available option.

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How To Use EntroPay At Online Casino

Except if you are playing at no deposit casino, you will have to know how to set EntroPay as your preferred casino payment option. At most of the casinos, it's a similar, pretty straightforward process. Of course, if you don't have an account, you should first register at the casino of your choice. Then, navigate to your casino's payments page, and choose EntroPay as a payment method. And voila! You are ready to make your first deposit.

Of course, prior to making your first deposit, make sure that you have checked out the casino bonus options since most of the welcome bonuses are directly proportional to the amount you deposit. Only after you've decided on the bonus, proceed to make a deposit at your casino's cashier. Then input the amount, the EntroPay card number, CVC/CVV code, and the cards expiry date. And that's it!

Are There Benefits Of Using EntroPay?

As we already mentioned there is a bunch of benefits to using EntroPay. Top-notch safety and a large number of casinos are just the most obvious ones. But soon after starting to use Entropay, you will notice that using it has even more benefits. There are no additional credit checks, administrative delays, and hidden expenses. EntroPay is dedicated to offering a simple and efficient virtual prepaid card solution, and that's exactly what they deliver.

Additionally, EntroPay is cheaper to use than most of the alternatives. Classic banks tend to have hefty administrative and banking costs, while EntroPay gives you the option to manage multiple virtual cards, for just a fraction of a traditional cost.

How Do You Get EntroPay?

Getting Entropay is as easy as it gets. You just have to go on EntroPay's website, apply for a card by filling in the form, and choosing an username and password. Then, you will have to enter your classic credit or debit card details you your card can be verified, and that's it. You will get your card number, CVV number and card expiration date.

Are There Any Fees For Casino Payments?

Yes, there are fees involved that you have to be aware of. While opening an EntroPay account is free, loading the card will cost you 4.95% fee, and withdrawing funds to your card will cost 1.95% fee. Additionally, if there is a need for a currency conversion, that will cost you an additional 2%.

Withdrawals And General Management

It's important to know that, similar to classic VISA, not all the casinos that support EntroPay as a deposit method, support it as a withdrawal method as well. Still, it's just a minority of websites that don't allow it for both uses. On top of that, you should be aware that withdrawals to EntroPay can take up to a week.


Every payment method has its pros and cons, and EntroPay isn't an exception. There are some slight disadvantages to using it. First and foremost, withdrawals are slow, when compared to some other methods. Still, we believe that numerous pros outweigh that. So, if you are looking for a combination of a virtual card and the VISA-level flexibility and safety, then EntroPay is just the right solution for you.