Revolut online casinos - Super trend 2019

Revolut is an international bank that was founded in July 2015. Revolut is part of the UK company Revolut Limited Company, and is a full digital option for the bank where you get a prepaid bank card (MasterCard or Visa). There are also other means of payment such as cryptocurrencies in their currency exchanges such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) where one can easily convert their money into a cryptocurrenciy.

Revolut - For the modern casino player

Revolut works very well in modern times thanks to the fact that everything is interconnected, with the help of the physical card (Visa / MasterCard) you can use its funds during deposits and withdrawals on most online casinos. This means that you can always pay with Revolut cards, which you get for free, as long as you have the money on the account. So it's not a credit card, it's strictly an app connected to a card of your choosing or you can use Revolut as an e-wallet itself.

Revolut allows you to transfer free of charge around the world with international payments-including online casinos-and that you can easily withdraw money anywhere and skip unnecessary charges. Whether you use Revolut as a private customer or business; it is a perfect solution for fast and toll-free transactions. The company had already acquired over 2 million customers in 2018 with millions in banking transactions.

Revolut is perfect for anyone who does not want to settle down in a specific place, and never stop traveling around the world. Wherever you are, you no longer have to worry about conventional charges and slow processing times.

What is Revolut?

The payment option is created for people who are looking for new ideas and better solutions in daily life. The people who started the Revolut are Vlad Yatsenko was former developer of Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank teamed up with Tom Reay anf Nikolay Storonsky. The former is a former developer of Expedia and Ocado and the latter, Nikolay Storonsky, also worked with Credit Suisse.

They started the company with an investment of about 3.5 million dollars. It was founded to give today's world a financial partner that would be as advanced as humanity itself. Today, everything is completely interconnected when it comes to money transactions and you need an option that adapts to everyone's needs and at the same time gives consumers full control over their bank account. That's exactly what you get by Revolut and all through a new and exciting way.

Revolut is also supported by Europe's most famous investors, including names such as Facebook, Dropbox and Skype.

How does it work?

From the bulky apps and big fees traditional banks have almost blackmailed their customers with. Revolut decided to create an alternative to the big banks without the hidden fees and with extremely better technology.

Creating an account is completely free and can be registered in minutes. You need to deposit a small amount of $10 as a deposit, which will also be available on the account after approval. If you want to withdraw it directly after, that is fine too. For verification that you is who you say you are, scan your passport or ID card and you are ready to use the account. Every month, you can charge $200 SEK for free, if you want to withdraw larger sums than that, their will be a withdrawal fee. For premium users the limit goes up to €400.

All transfers are free - National and International

When using banks abroad for transferring money, it can sometimes be quite costfull. Revolut allows you to make international transfers in 24 different currencies to the real exchange rate for free.

It currently also supports card payments and ATMs in over 150 different currencies. Other currencies are added constantly, there are only a few currencies that are not supported at the moment.

Do you have to pay extra fees when making payments with cards?

Paying with the new invention in stores, online casinos Revolut, or other online retailers is completely free, the same applies to money transfers through the Revolut app. The only limitation is that payments of more than 5000 dollars a month will receive a fee of 0.5 percent. You can see how much you have transferred at any time on your account simply by clicking on you account profile.

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Autopayments via Revolut

Everything from your monthly subscription on Netflix and your casino account to utility bills, and other invoices - you can easily set up a function for recurring payments in just a few seconds, directly from the application. With this, you can easily and smoothly fix all your bills in the same place without worrying and having to pay manually every month.

Are there any restrictions?

Cash payments from ATMs are limited to 5000 dollars or equivalent in foreign currency.

Is it safe and secure?

Your money is well protected, when you transfer money to Revolut, your money is put on a dedicated customer account with a partner bank, so it's always safe. The institution of the transactions is authorized by the FCA, which protects the funds of Revolut in accordance with the requirements of the FCA. These are the 2011 E-Money Regulations and 2017 Payment Service Regulations.

Buy and convert cryptocurrencies in real time

When it comes to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple, Revolut is the easiest as well as fastest way to buy, hold and redeem the currency with better exchange rates. At the same time, we see more and more online casinos that accept just cryptocurrencies in payment. Which makes it easy for users to play at their favorite casino with just Revolut.

Can you pay with Apple and Android?

Revolut works to support Apple Pay and Android Pay. Currently, only the fees are accepted through Apple Pay or Android Pay. But, soon we will surely be able to use Revolute via Apple and Android.

Revolut premium membership

The Revolut Premium account gives you access to all the benefits of the Revolut app including Mastercard, Visa and much more. Let’s go through the different parts: When you go premium with Revolut premium you get four free premium cards, Free international express delivery, unlimited currency exchange, free turbo transfers (like super fast transfers), free foreign health insurance, a free replacement card, double card sockets at ATMs worldwide (withdraw €400 per month free of charge), and 24/7 customer service. Sounds pretty great does it not? 

If you are interested in a Premium account, you can upgrade your Revolut account in seconds with only few clicks. The monthly fee is $8 and the membership runs for at least 1 year. 


We think Revolut for casinos will be the next big thing for playing casino online. It’s easy, fast, and free! And you can travel the world with out having to make currencie exhganges with expensive fees. Revolut are going to force the money grabbing banks to pay more attention to their customers, otherwise they won’t have any. The app is already availabe for download so go and check it out! In a few minuits you have an accout and you are ready to be free.