Using Visa At Casinos

When you talk about credit and debit cards, one of the first brands that come to your mind is VISA. It's almost a synonym for a credit card. Igamers value the ability to use tested and tried payment methods, and that's why there is a growing number of online Visa casinos supporting this type of payment.

With affiliates all around the world, this USA-based multinational financial services corporation facilitates electronic funds transfers throughout the world, providing it's services to around 1 billion users worldwide. So, when you are playing at Visa casino, you know that your payments and withdrawals are handled through the safest software protocols and that your data is safe and secure.

Is Visa The Right Choice For You?

Online casinos that accept Visa are quite common. So, if you trying to figure out if this is a good choice for your preferred payment method, you can rest assured that it is available in most of the reputable online igaming establishments. That means that the odds of running into a casino that you like and figuring out that it doesn't support VISA are pretty slim.

Still, with Visa cards being connected to a bank account, there are some drawbacks as well. It might be harder to gamble responsibly when you have all the contents of your bank account at your disposal. Still, whether Visa is the right choice for your igaming payments and withdrawals is a complex question, the one that we want to help you find the answer to.

Revolut is a great payment option for those who want a little more control over how much money they spend.

Best Casinos That Use Visa

Some of the world's top casinos accept Visa, including the likes of Casino.Com, Scasino, Rizk, Bethard, Casino Las Vegas, Vegas Hero,777 Casino, Casino Tropez, and many more. If you are unsure if your favourite casino supports this option, check out the casino's payment options page, or check some visa casinos review pages to find out.

It's also important to know that while most of the casinos accept Visa cards for deposits, not all of them accept this card as a viable withdrawing method. That's why it's really important to check if your chosen website supports both visa deposits and withdrawals prior to deciding to use this payment method.


When talking about the advantages of visa gambling, we will start with the obvious one: You probably already own Visa. That means that there is no need to bother yourself with going to a bank or opening additional accounts or e-wallets just in order to be able to play your favourite games.

Also, when you play casino online you want to feel safe and secure, especially when it comes to financial transactions. And in terms of security, Visa is one of the best payment methods in a world. Provided that you are playing at a safe casino, your information and transactions will stay confident.


The biggest disadvantage of using visa for igaming must be the lack of fast withdrawals. When withdrawing your winnings to your Visa card, it can take several days before your funds are transferred. Sure, it's not the slowest method, since old school wire transfers take even longer, but with modern e-wallets, your funds can be transferred and at your disposal in a few hours!

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How To Use Visa At Online Casino

Except if you are playing at no deposit casino, there is a pretty uniform way to set up your casino account to work with your Visa card. First, of course, you have to create a casino account, if you don't already have one. Prior to that, make sure that you are signing up for a casino that accepts Visa. Then, navigate to your casino payment page, and choose "credit card" as a method.

Then you can select "VISA" as a type of credit/debit card you are going to use. After that, it's only matter of going to cashier's and entering the sum you want to deposit. But, be sure to take a look at the casino's bonuses beforehand, since most of the casinos offer welcome bonuses that depend on your initial deposit, so figuring out the right bonus might help you decide on the sum you are going to deposit.

Are There Benefits Of Using Visa?

There are many advantages in using Visa as your preferred payment method. First, it's widely used, and even though there are some rare casinos that don't accept it as a withdrawal method, it's perhaps the single most used deposit method in igaming. That means that using Visa enables you to play at virtually any casino in the world, without restrictions. Another big benefit is that Visa allows slightly larger deposits than e-wallets and other alternatives.

Some VISA cards have an option for you to earn cashback as you spend. And safety and security of using Visa is yet another valid argument that you should consider when choosing your preferred online casino deposit and withdrawal method.

How Do You Get Visa?

It's relatively easy to get a VISA card. If you have a bank account, it's as easy as going to the bank, filling up a form and applying for VISA card. Or alternatively, you can use the website of VISA to apply, or take advantage of online businesses like Amazon that allow you to apply for Visa card online.

Are There Any Fees For Casino Payments?

Whenever you are using a credit card to make a payment, there will be additional fees involved, and that goes for using VISA at online casinos as well. Those additional fees are something that you can't really avoid with money transfers, never mind the method you are using.

Withdrawals And General Management

As we already mentioned, not all the casinos allow for Visa to be used as a withdrawal method. Still, it's the minority of online casinos that don't allow this option. But there is another issue that you should be aware of - withdrawal to your Visa card can take up to 7 days.


Even though there are some slight disadvantages of using Visa for online casinos, it is still the most used method of payment in igaming. Accepted worldwide, safe and secure to use it's commonly used in both everyday life and online transactions. When you look at pros and cons, VISA is probably the best option you have to fund your online casino account, and one of the most convenient methods for casino deposits and withdrawals.