Instant Play Casino

Many online casinos offer a so called "instant play casino" or "no download" version of their gaming platform that allows the player to play instantly in the web browser without the hastle of downloading and installing any additional software, or some stuff like that, on your computer making it easier to use any eventual casino bonuses you might want to take from the casino.

Tim Taylor
6/27 2018
9/11 2019

No Need for Download?

What you will need, however, is the extremely popular and widely used flash plugin. Okay, if you don't have this on your computer, then you have to download it and install it. But the flash plugin have multiple areas of usage on your computer and it often comes with your computer browser setup anyways. Some instant play casino require Java, and some more experimental developers are trying to make it happen with HTML5 related stuff. I wish I could tell you more about this, but it is above my pay grade! LOL

So, this type of instant play casino will certainly grow in the future since most players looks to them first.

Lets list some of the more popular instant play casinos below:

The Notion of an Instant Play Casino

In fact, you could go to our casino bonus page and just pick a random casino there and it will be a instant play casino with no extra download requirements. These types of online casinos used to be very rare, and once you actually found one, the games included used to be very boorish, crude and poorly animated, let alone very few. 

But, as you should've realised by now, with technological progress as the key, the exception has now become the norm. The notion of an instant play casino is expected at every online casino now and all of their games can be played directly in the browser.

Almost every major and industry leading sofware developers and game providers in the business now offer their products in an instant play format. IGT, NetEnt and Novomatic develops most, if not all, of their games this way now, and the audio-visual quality has never been better!  

The convenience of an instant play casino is simply the best, which is probably why the non-instant ones are fading from the market fast. But please, discover this for yourself! Choose a casino from one of our different lists and delve deep into the smart and careless world that is enclosed by the instant play casino!