Bitcoin Casino India

Playing betting games on a Bitcoin casino in India is an easy option. The country has a long-standing climate of legality issues when it comes to gambling, a fact you already probably know. That’s why India is one of the countries which benefits the most from using this cryptocurrency. Apart from making it easy for players to complete deposits and withdrawals, Bitcoin offers a range of other benefits for iGamers. Read on to learn more!

Only The Best Bitcoin Casinos 

When playing betting games online, there are plenty of factors you need to consider. So many that it can become a daunting task finding the right venue to visit. This is especially true for newer players. That’s where we come in, and we’re glad to do all the hard lifting for you. We’re committed to bringing you lists of nothing but the cream of the crops where Bitcoin casinos in India are concerned. Venues must meet our stringent criteria to have the privilege of ending up on one of our carefully curated selections. 

Safety And Security

These are the first two factors we pay attention to when grading Indian Bitcoin casinos. You need to be able to feel safe when playing, positive that your sensitive data is safe and private. The casinos on our lists make triple-sure of this. Employing a variety of tools and high-grade encryptions to make sure no malicious intruder can intercept your communication with the venue. Bitcoin is an especially suitable medium for this criterium, as it is naturally encrypted and doesn’t leave a paper trail. 

Reliability And Fairness

What good are endless promotions and game offers if the site has nothing else in mind than scheming you out of your hard-earned cash? Don’t worry! The Indian Bitcoin casinos we add to our lists are highly reputable, with RTP’s that have been calibrated and checked independently by other parties and us. Most of all, they are all licensed and registered by one or more of the strictest gaming authorities such as the British Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Promotions And Bonuses

A great way to keep players coming back for more is to offer an awesome array of freebies, prizes and awards. The Indian Bitcoin casinos we list have a broad palette of bonuses to offer their new and returning players. Whether it’s hefty welcome bonuses, loyalty schemes or slot tournaments, you’ll always find something to benefit from!
Some bonuses are specific for Bitcoin, as they get awarded only to players using this financial option. So, make sure to check all the options the casino offers. Sometimes the best promotions are hidden in the fine print - which is why we look there!

Game Selection

There are loads of games you can play for Bitcoin at Indian casinos. Some are available only to players using this option. The most popular games are, as always, the slots. You’ll be able to find both your favourite titles and discover new and awesome games to try out. Those who like playing table games and live casinos will be happy to hear that nearly all casino games can be played using cryptocurrency. Poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette - you name it, the Indian Bitcoin casinos we list, have it all. 

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency, one that started the trend and took the whole world by storm since its inception. After it started rising in both price and popularity, other cryptocurrencies, like Litecoin and Ethereum, came along. But Bitcoin is still the premier one. As a decentralized and anonymous currency, Bitcoin is one of the best financial options to use for gambling. 

How It Works

Bitcoin uses an electronic or digital wallet to make transactions. Each unit of currency, itself called one “Bitcoin”, is a digital file that you can send to others and that you can receive. Transactions are saved and stored in a public list called a “blockchain”. Without getting too technical, we can say that Bitcoin is safe and convenient, especially for playing at casinos.
To bet with Bitcoin, you’ll need to open up your digital wallet. You can use one of the available sites or apps on the market. Once you’ve got yourself a wallet, the next step is to put something inside! Purchase Bitcoin using conventional currency and your wallet will get updated with the amount. Now you’re ready to go, the only thing that’s left is to pick one of the Indian Bitcoin casinos from our lists.

Legality Concerns

India is known to be a strict country when it comes to gambling laws, but you need not worry about it. The brunt of the regulations is only concerned with physical venues. Most, if not all, the gaming that’s happening online is legal. This is especially true when using Bitcoin. Because it is a decentralized currency which isn’t subject to the laws of any country or institution, so, rest assured that playing with Bitcoin at online casinos in India is above board.

Safety Concerns 

As with any other online resource, there is a slight danger when using Bitcoin. Hackers and online criminals occasionally hit electronic wallet websites and rob them of their cryptocurrency. However, the danger of this isn’t any bigger than that of your bank being robbed by mobsters. As time goes on, more concerted efforts are being made to secure all online transactions - especially financial ones. So, even though there is a slight danger, Bitcoin is as safe, or even safer, than using credit or debit cards online.

Bitcoin Summary

In conclusion, playing with Bitcoin is a great way to reap the many benefits awarded by this decentralized currency. The service is fast and reliable, and you can often find bonuses and promotions dedicated to Bitcoin customers only. Pick any of the high-quality Indian Bitcoin casinos on our lists and start your cryptocurrency gambling adventure.


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, a completely digital currency based on blockchain technology. It is a way to exchange money without a centralized authority such as a country or a bank regulating the proceedings. 

Can I use Bitcoin to play at Indian casinos?

Yes, definitely. You’ll find plenty of excellent venues right here on our lists. The goal of our reviews is to bring you the best Indian casinos who accept Bitcoin.

Is it legal to use Bitcoin for gambling?

Absolutely. Bitcoin is an entirely legal financial option to use at many different types of venues, casinos being one of them. 

Is Bitcoin better than conventional financial methods?

Generally speaking, there isn’t a big difference, although sometimes it might be better to use Bitcoin. This comes down to speed and availability of service, which are almost always better when using cryptocurrency. Also, Bitcoin is the more private and anonymous option. Finally, some casinos offer exclusive bonuses to players using Bitcoin so that you can benefit from this, too!

Is Bitcoin safe to use?

Yes, as much as anything else online is. As with most online resources, there is always the minuscule chance of malicious intrusion. But in general, Bitcoin is as safe to use as any other online transaction.