Holy Diver - Big Time Gaming - Slot Review

If you're in to slots and casino you might know who Big Time Gaming is and what their slots are like. If not, congratulations! You will not regret getting to know this provider and their list of high quality titles. Holy diver is one of the recent releases from this studio, available at most new online casinos. Get to know more about the slots and how it stands out from previous games in the article down below.

Emil N
12/17 2018
9/10 2019

Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming is famous for their well designed and innovative games. The iGaming studio doesn’t come up with a new games every month unlike some providers, but many of their slots are regarded as the most popular choices for players. The invention MegaWays revolutionized the market and has brought us many cool games. Blueprint is one of the providers who bought the license of MegaWays and has seen great success with their MegaWays titles. Every new Big Time Gaming release feels well thought out and is anticipated, not only by us, but the majority of regular Casino players. It is now time to take a look at Holy Diver, the latest game from Big Time Gaming.

Holy Diver

Let’s talk about the theme of Holy Diver. If you are a music fan you might have recognized the title in this game. It is not about priests diving the great ocean for treasures like one might have thought. The inspiration for Holy Diver is from the song and album Holy Diver by the band Dio. Fronted by lead singer Ronnie James Dio who started the band after leaving Black Sabbath. Licensed from the record label you will hear Ronnie sing Holy Diver in the free spins feature.

Holy Diver Basegame & Features

The layout in Holy Diver is 6 reels with MegaWays system. Different from previous MegaWays games there is not an extra bar with 4 additional symbols. Under the reels a moving landscape with a knight in armor runs around collecting chests as he goes. In these chests hides 4 different features. From first glance it looks complicated but when you get a feel for it you will know what to look for.

Chest features

The first thing you want to take a look at in Holy Diver is the Shield of Fortune. A shield will be placed on the left of the reels and holds the 4 different gem symbols. Once the knight has collected all of the 4 colored gems in the chests the free spins will be triggered. We’ll get into the free spins in a bit. But aside from collecting the gems from the chests you can also get 3 other features.

  • Standard Symbol Bonus, which reveals one of the lower tier symbols and converts any that lands in the middle 4 reels into wilds.
  • Sword bonus gives you up to 3 wild reels with a win multiplier up to 7x.
  • Fireball Bonus adds four to 4 flaming wilds, one per reel.

Different levels

When you’ve collected the first 4 gems in the chests, it unlocks free spins. However, you first need to decide if you want the 10 free spins on level 1 or if you want to go for level 2 or 3 instead. There are 3 different levels and a higher level means that the slot gets more volatile. Level 1 being the less risky pick but with lower potential and the level 3 being significantly more volatile with crazy potential. If you decide to skip the level 1 free spins and go for level 2 the landscape will shift, and you will hunt chests in a desert world. In this level the chest will appear far less frequent so you need to hunt longer to get the free spins again. At the third level it is even harder to unlock the features while your knight runs through a fantasy landscape. The difference between the levels in Holy Diver is the multiplier on the wild gems. In the bonus all gems that lands within the middle 4 reels turns into wilds. When on level 2 you get x2 the win with the wilds, while on level 3 it is x3. When collecting and completing the free spins you will restart on level 1 again.

Free spins

In the free spins feature your knight runs through a castle killing enemies as he goes. These ghost looking creatures can reveal a diamond. The first 4 diamonds you collect gives 1 extra spin each. If you manage to get the 5th diamond before the spins are over you will get an additional 8 spins. Holy Diver is based on MegaWays, however it is quite different from the past games we’ve seen. You could get up to 586,971 ways to win in Holy Diver instead of the classic 117,694. Which could make a huge difference of the outcome. For this extra MegaWays to activate you need to get the re-trigger in the free spins. Getting these 8 extra spins means that you will get extra ways on every spin.

Potential & RTP

While Holy Diver is another high volatile game from Big Time Gaming it does stand out from the rest. Because you can actually choose the volatility you want to play with. Either you go for the level 3 with more risk and grind or you go for level 1 with less risk. We think this is a nice way of designing a game so that it fits everyone and every situation. Not a big surprise, with a RTP between 96.39% and 96.54% it is pretty standard.


We think Holy Diver from Big Time Gaming is going to see success. It is a innovative game with features unlike anything we’ve seen before. The fact that the MegaWays has been spiked to 5 times higher than the previous cap makes it really exciting and we expect some spectacular wins from this game. The graphics is the best we’ve seen from the provider so far. The fact that you can choose the volatility you play with makes Holy Diver one of our favorites right now.