The Road To 150K

Hey guys! Just a quick update from my week and I also posted a compilation from this Mondays stream on YouTube. Feel free to check that out.

Emil N
11/2 2018
7/2 2019

3 days off

I have not been on the stream for the last 3 days. Needed to do some other work and still a lot to do in the apartment. Repainting a room takes longer than you think apparently! You also realize that you have more stuff than you thought while moving. It does start to look like a home now though. Will post some pictures of the place as well. Haven't played much slots lately, just lost a small cash deposit playing Joker Millions. I also wrote an article about the slot who right now holds a +€7 Million jackpot. Click here if you want to check it out. The betting has been really good though, grinding up every night there's hockey games. Pro analyst or lucky bastard? I don't know but I am glad it's going so good!

Bonus compilation

Since Mondays stream was really special, I wanted to make a compilation of the best moments that eventually led to the cash out. Our YouTube channel was down for quite some time but a new one is now up and rolling. The stream was almost 10 hours long but I got the compilation down to 11 minutes. Such an insane run now that I think back at it. I will be live tonight again around 21:00 CEST. Hopefully we can do some more profit tonight. See you there!

Watch the "Road To 150K" here.